Emirates Id Typing

 New Registration and renewal application typing

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship is tasked with establishing the ‘Population Register and Emirates Identity Card Program’, which includes recording personal and other important data for the entire population in United Arab Emirates and maintaining them in electronic formats. The authority is in charge for issuing the Emirates ID Card to citizens and other persons resident in United Arab Emirates. Arabian Business Centre is an approved Emirates Id typing center in Dubai.

We are an authorized center to apply for your Emirates Identity cards, including applying for new as well as for renewal of your existing identity cards. We also process cancellation and replacement applications. The services are offered with utmost professionalism, speed, personalized care and attention.

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Dubai office: +971 4 330-0011, Ajman office: +971 6-7403110,

DIP Office : +971 4-2528846

Services We Offers

  • Service Centre Appointment
  • Processing Application for the Registration of ID Card
  • Reminder and Renewal of ID Card
  • Replacement of Damaged, Lost or Stolen ID card

The mandatory United Arab Emirates ID Card (UAE ID Card) program is one of the most important national projects being implemented in the country. For the purpose of proving identity the UAE identity card with Biometric and advanced ID features, eliminates the need to carry different forms of identification including driving licence, work permit, employee cards, passports and e-cards.

The registration process can be lengthy and tiresome however, SME Consultant have put in place a system where your registration process can be effortless. All you have to do is complete our form by hand or type the information and e-mail it to us. We then have your documentation typed up by our in house translators and arrange an appointment at one of the service centres, which we will accompany you to, if you require.