Establishment card

Establishment card new and renewal services


After obtaining a license for the company, the owner or manager of the company must apply for an immigration card, new or renewal  (Establishment Card).

Immigration Establishment Card new. 

Copy of Trade License,

office Ejari 

partner passport copy visa copy

emirates id original 

local passport copy 

emirates id original  family book copy

immigration Establishment Card Renewal.

The following documents are necessary to renew Immigration Computer Card:

  • Filled application
  • Original Immigration Card & emirates id original
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Copy of the addition listing the partners’ names in case of LLC, issued from Department of Economic Development.
  • Location map of the company in Arabic with Telephone number.
  • Valid Tenancy Contract.
    Immigration Establishment Card is issued for 1 years. There is no fine for delay. But renewed card will be issued from the date of last expiry.
  • If the original Immigration Card is lost, Police Certificate to be attached with the application.